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Marston's Corner Baptist Church started as a church in 1812 on the corner of Hotel Road and Beech Hill Road in Auburn, Maine in the area where the current church building stands today.

The history of the church goes back as early as 1773.  Marston's Corner Baptist Church became the current name in 1954 with Pastor Laurence Jordan.  In 1980, Marston's Corner became an Independent Baptist Congregation.  In 2008, after many years of church services and through a majority vote under the current pastor, Pastor Bob Putnam, Marston's Corner Baptist merged 
with the congregation of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lewiston, Maine lead by Pastor Christian Gumprecht.  For many years, both Pastor Putnam and Pastor Gumprecht had shared all leadership duties with it's current congregation until Pastor Bob retirement from the Pastorate in 2018.   

In 2020, Pastor John Ouellette, member of Marston's Corner since 2012, became the Associate Pastor and shares many of the duties with Pastor Christian.