Associate Pastor 
John Ouellette
Pastor John grew up in Lewiston, Maine
and went to Lewiston Public Schools until he graduated from Lewiston High in 1986. 

Following High School, John ventured out to the West Coast to attend Music School in California where he studied drums and percussion.  He returned to Maine teaching and playing professionally around Maine. 

In 1987, John was introduced to Francine Clark from Auburn, Maine through a mutual friend.  After five short years of friendship, they were married on August 1, 1992.  

John and Francine had similar experiences at a young age, where they both heard the Gospel and made a profession of faith.  It became obvious to them later on that the seed was planted back then and later in life, two years following their wedding, Francine was first invited to church and soon after a visit by a couple from that church, who now remain dear friends, both John and Francine began to attend Auburn Baptist Church where they heard the familiar message of the Gospel, trusted Christ as Saviour, committing their the Lord, and soon followed in believer's baptism, and became members in 1995.  Not long after, they began to serve in ministry.  They spent many years teaching Sunday School together to various age groups.  John also began to minister the Word of God through short message and devotional opportunities.  It is then that John had a tug on his heart to publicly share God's Word with others.  Both John and Francine continued faithfully serving in several other areas of ministry. 

Not to long after, they were blessed with three beautiful children, Jahnalene, Daniel and Nathan.  All of whom were saved, baptized and served the Lord in ministry in a variety of ways.  

In 1999, John served as the Choir Director for over three years.  John also began to lead music and praise and worship at the beginning of each service.  While serving in those rolls, in 2002, John began traveling with Bob and Darleen Puffer's Music Ministry traveling with them in and around New England during the summer months, playing percussion and helping out their ministry in several ways, learning what it means to "travel for the Lord".  The Ouellette family had the opportunity to learn of many different aspects of church ministry through visiting several different churches around the Northeast.  All the while, John's desire to preach God's Word grew along with the many opportunities to do just that over the years.

Finally, in 2010, John had been given the call to preach God's Word and soon after, began his training, eventually obtaining a Degree in Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He continued serving in more and more opportunities within the church, helping as Deacon, heading up the Youth Ministry and filling the pulpit whenever possible.

In 2012, being friends with Pastor and Nancy Gumprecht for several years, John and Francine joined Marston's Corner Baptist Church in Auburn.  After a year off, quietly listening to the Word, both John and Francine began to do what they do better, which is ministry.  They both became vital members and integral parts of helping both Pastor Bob, Pastor Christian and Nancy in their ministry there in Auburn, leading music, preaching, teaching, Ladies' Ministries, and much more.   

In early 2020, the membership of Marston's Corner Baptist extended the invitation to become the Associate Pastor along side of Pastor Christian Gumprecht.  Today, John and Francine, now proud Grand-Parents to Jacelyn Elizabeth, continue to serve and are an encouragement to everyone there.