Senior Pastor 
Christian Gumprecht
Pastor Christian grew up in a Christian home with godly parents and an older sister.  When he was 7, his mother went home to be with the Lord and a few years later, his father remarried.  Within a few short years, the family grew from 2 children to 6 children.  Due to the godly influence of his parents and stepmother, Christian began to sense a desire to serve God. As a sophomore in high school, he was being mentored by Pastor Dan Booker at Bradford Baptist Church.  It was then that he felt the call of God to the ministry.  

In 1981, at the age of 17, Christian enrolled at New Brunswick Bible Institute.  At the age of 18, Christian's father went home to be with the Lord, which at that time God moved in his heart to trust Him all the more (Proverbs 3:5-6).  

While at NBBI, Christian saw the hand of God provide his financial needs, particularly through the generosity of the people at Bradford Baptist Church.  While taking some time off from College, Christian worked to earn tuition money and to help support his stepmother, brothers and sisters.  Eventually he graduated from NBBI in the Spring of 1986.  

From 1986-1989, Christian ministered as the Assistant to the Pastor at Perry Bible Fellowship in Perry, Maine under Pastor Bob Hinton.  Years following, Christian became the Interim Pastor there at Perry Bible Fellowship while continued mentoring by Pastor Hinton.  

In 1989, Pastor Christian was led to the Lewiston area and became the Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lewiston.  In 1992, he married his wife Nancy and was soon granted custody of his young sister and three younger brothers following the death of his Stepmother.

After the birth of their first daughter, Emma, their family was continually blessed and their 'quiver filled' by the adoption of 3 more children, Jayre, Jayden and Jayla.  

In May 2008, the congregation of Lighthouse Baptist Church merged with the congregation here at Marston's Corner.  Both Pastor Christian and Pastor Bob work together, leading the congregation at MCBC through their wonderful, spirit-filled working relationship which had been formed previously at Lighthouse Baptist as they had worked together there for several years.   God continues to bless the work here at Marston's Corner as they both testify of God's Spirit moving within the body of this local New Testament Church. 

In 2019, after Pastor Robert Putnam retired from the pastorate and was deemed Pastor Emeritus, Pastor Christian became the Senior Pastor and in 2020, along with the membership there at MCBC, invited John Ouellette to be the Associate Pastor.